Internet Solutions

Software and Internet Payment Gateways

EXS West offers state of the art hardware and software programs that simplify and automate the numerous merchant payment solutions currently available. Whether you're processing online transactions or point-of-sale credit cards, with EXS you can rapidly and effectively complete your customer's purchase.

Our suite of products provides compelling business tools that are designed to enhance payment processing and decrease the time per transaction. EXS West combines the technology of tomorrow with the service necessary for businesses today.

Let us show you what a little dedication and a lot of intuition can do for your business!

Online Transaction Security

If you have a web presence and transact via the web while not using the latest security and fraud protection products, you may be subject to fraudulent transactions. This not only costs your company valuable time, money and energy, but jeopardizes your entire website investment. We work closely with you and give you the tools necessary to boost customer confidence, target fraudulent and risky transactions, and customize reporting tools, all while securing the best processing rates available.

Recurring Billing - Subscription/Membership Transactions

For businesses that offer memberships services our web-based billing system creates tremendous efficiencies while preserving valuable time and business capitol, plus its easy to use. Whether your business charges the same amount or a variable amount, we can expedite and automate your billing procedures.

To find out more information about our services, please call us at 916-488-9500 and ask for Sales, or click the "Apply Now" link above to take your first step towards safe, secure credit card processing. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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